Ways to eliminate rodents

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Ways to eliminate rodents

Rat Trap

Heard some scuttling sound at your home in the middle of the night? Heard little gnawing sounds and woken up to a messy pantry or kitchen? Chances are, you have rodents! Rodents have been a persistent pest since ages ago. They are an ancient enemy, scuttling in sewers, ever present wherever there we humans go. They are carriers of diseases, and they prey on our food. Getting rid of them is no easy task as they are cunning creatures that learn from the mistakes of their fallen comrades. Yet, technology has come up with different methods and chemicals to outsmart these furry nuisances. Have a look at the types of methods to eliminate rodents.

Rat traps as a rodent control method

Rat traps are the most common and easiest method to get rid of mice or rats. They are ideal for catching that one or two rats that might be hiding in your storeroom, but are not as efficient with serious rat infestations. Traps might range from sticky traps, or physical traps that might use lures and baits to attract the rodents. The whole purpose of traps is to mobilise and imprison the rodents until they are dealt with the next morning. Trapping rats can be considered a humane method if you opt to set them free far away from your home. However, trapping would require you to decide how to handle the live furry creature in your custody- be it a humane or brutal decision.

Rodent poison is efficient in eliminating rats

Rodent poison is also a popular choice in eliminating rats and mice. Poison usually come in the form of pellets, mixed with regular food as bait. Rat poison can be highly effective, though it is not safe for application in certain situations such as in an environment where kids are present. These poisons can be harmful when ingested, and no one would want to risk leaving poison around where kids are present. While the rodent poison can kill a rodent off relatively quick and easy, the problem arises when the rodents do not die immediately, but crawls off into the cracks of the walls or behind the crevice of furniture to die. That would leave you playing hide-and-seek to search for the dead carcass of the rat, and to dispose the Biohazard carcass in a safe and responsible manner.

Repellents help in rodent control

Rodent repellents are also available for purchase in the market. They are usually made of chemicals that are especially pungent and distasteful to the rats- keeping them at bay from your house. Rodent repellents are usually placed around the perimeter of the house, or at specific places within the house such as kitchens, pantries, and store rooms.

For the best rodent control decision, contact us for an assessment of your home and your infected area. Our pest control experts guarantee that your pest problems can be handled in a swift and efficient manner. Our integrated pest management approach are safe for you and your family!