The rodent (meaning: a gnawing mammal that includes rats, mice, squirrels and so on) is the smartest pest that pest controllers have to deal with, especially the rats.

Because rats are neophobic, they are wary and afraid of new things. This makes them highly sensitive to changes in their environment, ie, the sudden appearance of rat traps or rat poison. Their long, flexible and cylindrical bodies enable them to come indoors through surprisingly small holes.

Contrary to popular belief, rats don’t actually transmit diseases. It is when their body, faeces or urine comes into contact with or is present in food, water, soil or surfaces that indirectly spreads the diseases to humans.

Types of rodents like rats and mice, specifically Norway Rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse, are commonly found in Singapore. These rodents enter your homes or offices through holes and cracks in the foundation or walls.

They may build a nest under the building foundations, in clutter, dense vegetation, and inside walls, false ceilings, and cabinets where they gnaw through plastic and wood causing expensive damages.

IKARI Treatment

Rodents are intelligent creatures that live underground in complex and extensive network of tunnels. Dealing with rodents is not as simple as setting up rat traps or mouse traps.

Even after our professionals have located the nest and identified entry points, there are several steps and measures that follow. For example, placing monitoring devices, rodenticides or baits first before laying out traps and further treatment to eradicate the population for good.

When it comes to rodents, every situation is unique and can only be resolved with meticulous professional attention coupled with broad experience and in-depth knowledge of various species in the rodent list.

  • Hiding Spots
  • Floor traps, drains, bin chutes, false ceiling panels, rooftops

  • Food Sources
  • Nuts, seeds, rotten meat

  • Prevention Tips
    • Do a thorough cleaning session once a month that includes the floor, tables, chairs, kitchenware & appliances
    • Store food in airtight containers
    • Double-bag food waste
    • Empty the trash bin every night
    • Seal up cracks and crevices with silicone caulk

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