These tiny creatures do not harm human beings and animals, but they do damage household furnishings and sometimes booklice bites cause mild skin irritation. In addition, these tiny, pale bugs crawl everywhere and can be emotionally traumatizing especially when finding on food or food packages. It’s quite disgusting to see booklice in your food and definitely kills the appetite right away! It’s even worst to see a wholesome booklice infestation in your stored grains, rice, etc.

High humidity levels promote mold growth in cereals and other stored foods which draw booklice in. A booklice outbreak may occur in warm and humid areas with an approximate temperature of 75 to 85 degrees. These are mostly found in moist areas like basements, attics, closets, etc.

Booklice lives anywhere from two weeks to four months depending on the environment they are living in. They can produce almost eight generations worth of booklice eggs in about just a year.

Booklice becomes annoying when they are in large numbers in your home and requires professional help. A good pest control company can easily locate the problem areas and administer a suitable treatment to keep your food and furniture booklice free!

IKARI Treatment

IKARI trained professionals use the latest treatments like steam treatments, residual spray and ULV misting which are currently the most effective and efficient way of as to how to get rid of booklice Singapore.

Our technicians first use Alpine Aerosol as an insecticide on surfaces where booklice are present. The pests pick up the insecticide and bring it to the nest and share it with other booklice.This ultimately leads to the death of the whole nest in two to three days.

Second, technicians spot- treat places like windows, doors, baseboards, and walls or where they are active with just a light mist or a straw injection into the cracks and crevices where they possibly hide.

Third, even if all of the booklice do not get killed at once, they eventually will, as they get some chemical from others present in the nest, once they return to it. This is how our treatment makes sure that your property gets booklice free in a week!

  • Hiding Spots
  • Warm and damp areas

  • Food Sources
  • Bookbinding glue, mould, mildew, dried starchy foods exposed to humidity

  • Prevention Tips
    • Regularly clean cupboards and drawers
    • Keep rooms well-ventilated by installing fans and leaving windows and doors open
    • Store food in airtight containers
    • Use a dehumidifier

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