Ants keep their large colonies thriving by having specific functions and communication methods like leaving scent trails. Worker ants protect the eggs, build the nest and hunt while the queen ant mainly produces eggs to multiply the population. Unlike other social insects, there can be more than one queen ant per colony so that when under threat, they can leave to produce new colonies. All these attribute to their strong survival instincts, which is why it is difficult to get rid of ants, especially when there is an infestation!

The Carpenter Ant and the Fire Ant are two of the most destructive ant species in Singapore. Though not as seriously as termites, Carpenter Ants cause damage when they chew through soft or damp wood to build their nest within wooden structures indoors. When aggravated, Fire Ants inflict a painful sting which may turn into a blister and possibly cause allergic reactions such as increased heart rate or blood flow issues.

A common misconception about ants are the ones that swarm around street lights or fluorescent lights in our homes, usually after rain. Those are actually flying termites! But there is nothing to fear because termites at this stage don’t bite or feed on wood; they are looking for mates to build new colonies. Flying ants rarely swarm indoors and their bites are not harmful. If you see a whole swarm of flying ants in your home, there could be an infestation nearby!

So, how to get rid of ants effectively? The best way to get rid of ants is to locate their colony by following the foraging ants returning to their nests. The tricky part is the nest is usually hidden or a distance away. And because ants are smart enough to change their ant trails whenever under threat, you’d want to save time and trouble by getting professional help.

IKARI Treatment

A common misunderstanding of pest treatments is that fumigation can target all kinds of pests. We should bear in mind that pests are living creatures and survive by responding instinctively to changes in their environments.

For the very resilient and smart ants, it is vital to get rid of their breeding source. IKARI does this by identifying ant trails that lead to their nest. Depending on the ant species and several other factors, our experts either use spraying or baiting (granular or ant gel) and apply them at strategic spots.

Our treatments do not kill ants immediately. Instead, the delayed effect allows the ants to bring the lethal toxins back to their nest and share it with their nestmates, effectively eliminating the root cause of your ant problem!

  • Hiding Spots
  • Cracks & crevices in door frames, corner of walls, and planter boxes/flower pots

  • Food Sources
  • Sweet foods, dead insects, animal protein and fats

  • Prevention Tips
    • Do a thorough cleaning session once a month that includes the floor, tables, chairs, kitchenware & appliances
    • Store food in airtight containers
    • Double-bag food waste
    • Empty the trash bin every night
    • Seal up cracks and crevices with silicone caulk

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