The IKARI Method to Ant Control – Effective and Eco-friendly IPM System

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The IKARI Method to Ant Control – Effective and Eco-friendly IPM System

The IKARI Method to Ant Control – Effective and Eco-friendly IPM System

At IKARI, we use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a non-toxic pest management strategy that is effective and eco-friendly, unlike the usual toxic insecticide spray, which does not solve the root problem, yet causes untold harm to the environment.

Our IKARI team studies all possible pest control actions, including the consequences of no action. We focus on managing the eco-system to stop the infestation of pests and prevent damages by combining biological, physical, cultural and chemical control methods to provide long term protection for your property. The pest management strategy is carried out in an economically efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.


IKARI Methods of Treatment

There are 2 types of treatments to eliminate ant infestations:

  1. Baiting

Baiting is an efficient method of treatment, once the premises have been cleaned and alternative sources of food have been eliminated. Baiting is suitable for monthly service.

Method of Application: Near ant trails and near nesting sites


  1. Perimeter Residual Spray

For serious infestations, Perimeter Residual Spray is recommended to be used to stop the infestations from spreading.

Method of Application: Spray on perimeter of buildings to keep outdoor ants from entering indoors. Never spray near or on food preparation areas.



The IKARI Integrated Pest Management System (IPM) goes through the following process:


  1. Inspection

Our IKARI service specialist will check critical areas to find the nesting sites of the ants using our specialized skill and equipment, and identify more places that could be potential nesting sites of the ants. All inspections will be carried out with utmost respect to your privacy and our service specialists will only enter areas with your permission.

  1. Identification & Recommendation

After studying the problem in your premises, our IKARI pest control consultants will explain the situation clearly to you and recommend the most effective methods of treatment for your problem, as different types of ants have different types of habitats and behaviors. Types of treatment also depend on the level of seriousness of the infestations.

We use non-chemicals approach to treat ant infestations. If chemical pesticides are needed, we will inform you, and with your permission, products used for treatment are those that pose the least risk to human health and the environment.


  1. Treatment
  2. Basic Treatment

Basic Treatment is used in situations with a low level of infestation. It is a one-time treatment without any contract, with a warranty of 1 month from the day of spot treatment. Additionally, you can also opt for our comprehensive treatment by participating in our Pest Treatment Programme for 1 year, where you can select treatments either monthly or bi-monthly.


  1. Intensive Treatment

Intensive Treatment is needed in situations with a high level of infestations, until the situation improves. The treatment duration will take about 1-3 months, depending on the seriousness of the infestations.


  1. Monitoring

We will continuously monitor the level of infestations for the duration of the contract, ensuring the effectiveness of the treatments in eliminating the pest problem and preventing future infestations.