Importance Of Integrated Pest Management Techniques For Pest Elimination

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November 23, 2016
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Importance Of Integrated Pest Management Techniques For Pest Elimination

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is a simple strategy to improve the ecosystem by focusing mainly on the long-term elimination of the damages caused by pests with the help of combined techniques that include habitat manipulation, biological control, use of different resistant varieties and modifying cultural practices. The work of integrated pest management is to use pesticides only after monitoring them and by using them as per the guidelines provided with a motive of targeting and removing organisms only. The materials for pest control are applied and selected in such a manner that reduces the risks caused to the environment, human health and beneficial organisms. There is a multi-prong technique applied to solve the problems of the pests by non-harmful methods. The only emphasis is on the elimination and reduction of pest breeding that includes termite infestation and bed bugs.

Different methods applied

There are different techniques applied by pest control services. These include several controls: mechanical control, biological control, environmental control, chemical control, consultation and advice. This includes the installation of monitoring devices that is supposed to monitor the situation of pest control in the premise of the customers. The focus of integrated pest management is to take the condition of the pest under control. This is mainly done with the help of healthy crops that are grown in order to withstand the attacks from pests. The plants include caulking cracks and plants with disease resistance techniques used in the prevention of pests from entering the buildings.

Taking care of the environment

The integrated pest management techniques keep the environmental factors in mind. It emphasizes on environmental managements with the help of regular inspections, decision making, treatment and planning strategies. It deals with low-toxic features that are safe for human beings. Gone are the past days, when only harmful chemicals are used to control pest, in recent day’s most of the pest control services in Singapore understand the importance of environment thus use only environment friendly methods.