Termites – Prevention and early detection matters

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Termites – Prevention and early detection matters

Termite control Singapore

Termites in Singapore — Probably one of the scariest pests that can greatly diminish our property resale value would be termites. They munch and crunch on our buildings and structures as they feed to their hearts content. The worst thing is that their colony will only grow bigger with every morsel of food they bring back home! By the time we figured out we have a termite infestation in our homes, the damage might already be done- even after the professionals have gotten rid of it! Prevention and early detection when it comes to termites might be the best way to protect the property value of your homes, and you can proudly boast that termites have never had a chance to set foot in your home!

In general, termites live in the soil and in wood, depending on whether they are subterranean termites or drywood termites. They often live out of sight, hidden underground as they stealthily search for food. Though there are some species of termites which build big, concrete-like mounds that protrude from the ground, not all species of termites do that. The mounds are usually soil-coloured, and shaped like a little dome that may differ in height and radius as the termite colony grows. However, it is important to note that not all termites that build mounds are our enemies. There are harmless garden termite species that do not attack building and structure- they very much prefer to search for fallen logs or decaying leaves than infiltrate our property.

As this mound-building characteristic is only specific to a certain species of termites, it is quite impossible to know whether a piece of land has termites present in the soil or in the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, before the construction of a building on a piece of land, housing/building developers usually decide whether to treat the soil for termites based on the presence of termite mounds. This is not an efficient indicator as to whether or not the construction site should be pre-treated for termites. Pre-treatment is important to ensure that the building is not built on a massive termite colony underneath that would be a nightmare to treat! Termite control and prevention should be done earlier on by pest control companies to safeguard your property- not after.

Termite Control in Singapore.

In Southeast Asia, many housing projects are built on pieces of lands that were previously agricultural sites. One of the major termite pest species Coptotermes thrives in rubber, oil palm, and forest plantations. After the area has been cleared for development, they are capable of surviving underground on the roots of fallen trees and rotting logs, where they hide until the buildings were successfully constructed. The new buildings will be like a fresh new source of food for these starving termites. However, pre-treatment of the soil by pest control companies, and installation of physical barriers to prevent termite entry can minimise the risk of termite infestation in buildings.

Many of the most efficient methods to prevent termites are best done before the building is completed. Therefore, it pays to have a trusted pest control company that you can rely on for any of your projects. They can help access your situation and give you the best advice for your situation. Ikari Singapore believes in an eco-friendly pest control approach that does not just rely on them blindly treating and consumers blindly paying. They make an informed decision after listening to all your facts before initiating prevention and treatment measures. Even if a termite problem arises, they can be detected in its early stages through routine inspection and maintenance. Early detection and treatment can be more effective and less costly- it’s what we all want, isn’t it?