Safeguard your family by ordering a professional pest control service provider today

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October 25, 2016
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Safeguard your family by ordering a professional pest control service provider today

Family Protection - Pest Control Service

Pest Control refers to the management of the population of a particular species, generally referred to as pest, by the use of pest controllers or exterminators. A person who is in charge of controlling pests is referred as an exterminator.

History of pest control

The practice of controlling pests by the controllers generally referred to as exterminators, goes a long way back in history, from the time agriculture came into practice. Pest control came into existence for one dominant reason; crops needed to keep safe from pests, as they were hampering crop quality, and in the total net production.

It has always been of utmost importance to keep crops safe from competing species, as they were severely harmed the net production. The most conventional technique of controlling pests includes crop rotation and plowing among many others. The use of chemical pesticides date back 4,500 years, when the people of the Sumerian kingdom used sulfur as an insecticide.

Your decision matters most

Beyond its use in homes, pest control service is applied in a number of other fields as well, like agriculture and factories. Below is a comprehensive list control-

  • One of the driving reasons, as to why premium pest control service is important is the basic fact that, pests carry diseases that can cause serious health issues. The most serious epidemic outbreak till date, the bubonic plague, which caused million of deaths in the Medieval Age, was due to the germs carried by rodents such as rats.
  • Other than health, pests and rodents can cause serious damage to the existing infrastructure of a place. Sometimes it so happens, that the damage is so severe that the whole structure is rendered useless.

As a responsible member of a family, or a responsible boss to your employees, it should be your primary concern to maintain the health of those dependent on you. Keep the health of your near and dear ones safe by calling a pest control company in Singapore today.