What You Need to Know about Gardening Pest Control

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June 5, 2017
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What You Need to Know about Gardening Pest Control

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There are several things you have to consider when it comes to gardening and pest control in Singapore. Most of them are not discussed often. The truth is that gardening and pest control are as old as the practice of agriculture. Pest control as it is, is a booming industry. It is said to have grown by 50 percent and nationwide it has become a $7 billion dollar industry. When more homes are erected in the rural areas, more people are in need of pest control.

Understanding Gardening and Pest Control

Basically, pest control refers to the control or reduction of pests. Structural pest control is controlling the household pests especially those that destroy wood and invade structures and households. Gardening pest control on the other hand is intended for controlling pests that affect your plants, lawn, and the soil. This can be used further into the home too but primarily its target is the garden. To be able to protect the growing areas and our general health, it is important for us to know proper gardening and use the right pest control method. Most often, pests are ignored until they have already caused damage to the structure or things have gotten out of hand. There are still some measures you can take once

Controlling Pests in the Garden

A lot of people view pest control as a do-it-yourself job. That is fair enough up to a certain extent. When you do gardening pest control, it’s like going to the doctor. The physician has to diagnose the health problem and determine its extent of injury and its potential for more before treatment is prescribed. In a study it was discovered that most households don’t really bother to read the instructions in applying pest control methods.

Often this leads to over-concentrated doses of harmful pesticides. This can be detrimental to the health of the family as well as the visitors. These pesticides are often chemical-based since it’s the trend today. The long-term effects of pesticides led to the invention of biological pest control. For those who don’t like to undergo DIY pest control, it’s a good option to consult a company that will visit your place once a month to check on pests.