What Are Bed Bugs And How To Spot Them?

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February 8, 2017
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February 19, 2017
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What Are Bed Bugs And How To Spot Them?

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Do you see odd red, rusty stains on your beddings and mattresses but have no idea how did that happen? Check around for bed bugs! They are tiny pests that feed on human blood and could possibly cause an itchy bite, though some people might not have any reaction to their stings. Bed bugs are small, yet they pose a serious public health hazard if not given treatment on because they would travel around in people’s clothing and suitcases, allowing them to infest other areas wherever the traveller has been. So they should really be treated under pest control before this happens.

Identifying them

Before calling in the team for bed bugs treatment, it is important that you identify the kind of bugs that is living in your mattress and carpets at home. Bed bugs are shaped like the size of an apple seed (5-7mm long) and are red or brown in nature. They look like ticks, or lice, with small heads and tiny feet and their balloon like bodies will be filled when they have fed. They will leave red, rusty stains on your beddings and mattresses if you accidentally rolled over them and crushed them when you are sleeping. Sometimes, you would also find blood stains left by them, which is normal when they are done sucking your blood at night. When you are cleaning up your room, have a lookout for pearly white tiny eggs or eggshells that are around 1mm width, that could be the bed bugs’ young.

Where to find them

Bed bugs are so tiny that they have hide almost everywhere with a small crack in your house. Not just only on beds (which is often a misunderstanding that they are called bed bugs anyway!), they could also hide in between seams of chairs and sofas, on the curtains, on cushions and also the junction between the wall and the floor. They can be harder to spot as they are naturally nocturnal, but if they were hungry they would travel and feed during daytime as well. Have your eyes peeled for them and call in the specialists to give you a bed bugs treatment if you needed it!

At Ikari, we are specialists of pest control who is dedicated in helping you get rid of these unwanted visitors or habitants at your premise! Leave everything in our hands and we shall ensure that the bed bugs treatment for your premise will have them gone for good.