Seeking Pest Control Service? Know Your Options

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Seeking Pest Control Service? Know Your Options

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Argh, cockroach! Annoying ants! Get out of my house! What’s the pest that you could tolerate the least? Most people would answer cockroaches, ants, termites, or even rats. These are the common pest plaguing any area in a busy city.

Due to the high density of populations in urban areas, people live in close proximity to each other. This means that while you have been vigilantly defending your home and/or shop from these pests, they can still enter your premises from the outside. Pests can cause a whole range of problems- health concerns, food contamination, property devalue, and even annoyance. There is no denying that the presence of pest disrupts the peace of mind.

Thankfully, we have many options to choose from when it comes to pest control. There is a whole shelf full of products dedicated to pest-repelling and pest-eradication in supermarkets everywhere. Commercial products that we can find on the shelves are effective enough for minor infestations of most common insect pests. With the right instructions on the packaging, anyone can use them to provide a short-term relief from the pest that’s trespassing their homes. A more moderate to serious infestation, however, will require a more intensive treatment regime. That’s where pest control operators come in.

Pest control companies can offer you a whole range of treatment options that are tailor-made to fit your situation. As a pest control company ourselves, we know that the options might seem a bit overwhelming for consumers to choose from at first, especially when we use an integrated pest management approach- which is a combination of different treatment methods for the best results. When this happens, the custom at Ikari is that we will get our pest control operators to fully understand your situation beforehand, and recommend the most suitable course of action. However, we also believe that consumers should know their options, and we would be glad to consider your requests for certain treatment options if it would yield effective results for your situation.

The most common form of pest control treatment is spraying of chemicals. The chemicals might be a residual spray with differing lifespan, which kills the pest that comes into contact with it. For a more sensitive environment (with food or children present), pest control companies might suggest the use of baits, which are usually food lures laced with poisonous chemicals that will kill the insects that ingest it. For the prevention of termites, there are options for regular monitoring, and for spraying to repel or kill termites that comes within the vicinity of your property. There are the trap options, which usually involve sticky traps to immobilise the pests that runs across it. These traps can tell a story about the infestation going on in your property, such as the exact species of pests, the number of pests in your home, and even the potential direction of its nest or source of origin. To the trained eye, pest control technicians can tell a great deal from the traps, so don’t throw them out if you’re not asked to do so.

Ikari Singapore is more than pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding the pest control situation at your home. Drop us an enquiry at our main page, and we’ll be in touch soon!