Why Is Integrated Pest Management A Safe Way To Control Pests?

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Why Is Integrated Pest Management A Safe Way To Control Pests?

integrated pest management

Integrated pest management is a strategy used by pest control experts that focuses on long term prevention of pests with the aim of doing it in a natural and human safe way, in short, letting nature do its work. We might have thought of using vast amounts of pesticides to kill or even to wipe out the pest colonies which gives us immediate results in getting them out of sight. However, this is often not encouraged as these measures could back fire on us humans, causing environmental pollution, the development of resistance by the pests (making them more hardy against the pesticides used on them), and worst of all, us humans ingesting these poisonous chemical back into our bodies in one way or another. Therefore, it is really important to consider the use of integrated pest management to keep pests in control for your premises and spaces so that it will have a long lasting effect with little or none harm done to the environment.

What are the strategies used?

As stated earlier, integrated pest management focuses on lending support from nature and also the changing of human culture and habits in keeping pest infestations low. Such practices include replacing the spraying of pesticides to mechanical controls, which means manually removing these pests through building barriers, using traps to catch the pests, vacuuming the smaller creatures or pest insects, and overturning pests nests in the soil or ground to disrupt their breeding grounds. Other methods include biological controls, which is to introduce the pests’ natural predators that could help keep the numbers of pests small, which are often low in cost and more efficient in effects. Apart from all those, constant monitoring and the encouragement of constant cleaning of the potential pest breeding sites are also part of integrated pest management.

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