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January 15, 2017
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Bed Bugs Control Singapore

Bed Bug control Singapore

How to prevent bed bugs at home?

As we have known that bed bugs are able to travel from one place to another, and to ask for a treatment on their infestation is going to cost more than you would like to, so prevention is always better than cure in this case! Here are a few tips on the prevention of bed bugs from infesting your home, and it is simple to follow! Take no risks!

On bringing second hand furniture home

Bed bugs do a lot of travelling, and if your house has never had cases of bed bugs appearance, they might be transported from elsewhere which is infested. Some of them live in second hand home furniture, and therefore a thorough check on their presence is required. Whether it is a mattress, a couch, cushioned chairs, or perhaps even cupboards, take a look at the cracks and hinges, they might be just hiding in there.

On cleaning out their hiding spots

Another measure of prevention for bed bugs is to clean out your house! Extra clutter at home means more hiding space for bed bugs to safely breed and multiply. Vacuum your house frequently to prevent them from crawling all over your space if they successfully hitched a hike from elsewhere to your home. Remember, one should also seal up any cracks in walls and furniture because bed bugs are so small (they are only as thick as a credit card and their eggs are only 1mm large), they can hide in a lot of crevices and crannies around the house too.

On using shared laundry facilities

Do you know that bed bugs from others’ clothes can be transferred to your clothes at the laundry shop? The method of prevention for these bed bugs to come home with you is to keep your laundry in clean plastic bags before they reach the washing machine and after they are out from the dryer. Fold your clothes at home if you do not want any chances of them leeching onto your clothes.

We are trained pest control specialists at Ikari, but we do hope that no one gets infested with bed bugs because they can be a real trouble to clean up! The prevention of bed bugs from entering your house is easier done than treating it. However, if there is a bed bug problem that you can’t solve, come to us at Ikari and we shall fix your worries for you.