Ways in Preventing Termites Infestation

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April 26, 2017
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Ways in Preventing Termites Infestation

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Living in the first world country, what is better than maintaining a good work life balance? Imagine working a dream job and living in a good home with great furniture, you get to challenge yourself at day time while relax and unwind with your loved ones at home. However, there are external factors that could destroy your beautiful and comfortable house – Pests. The most commonly seen insects that could destruct a house is termites. When they invade, they cause destruction and make the home insecure for living. Before they infest, below are some ways to prevent termites.

Perform regular inspection with the help of a pest control company

Inspecting the entire home is vital in preventing termites. The inspection should involve ensuring every wood made or other materials that easily attract termites are in good condition. Signs of termite infestation include sawdust under wood made furniture, holes or cracks in door frames or windows. If you are not confident in carrying out the inspection, contact professional pest control company to help you.

Remove dead stumps, trees and branches near your house

Before termites invade your home, they will first look for a living place outside the house. Dead stumps, trees and branches are among their favourite spots of making a colony. Removing things that support termites’ living reduces the chance of termites infesting your house. If you store firewood near your house, ensure there is at least 25 feet away from your house as woods are prime target of termites.

Perform home repairs and maintenance regularly

If there is damaged or rotten structure of your house, you need to take action to repair it immediately. Otherwise, it increases the chance of your house getting invaded by termites. Make sure there are no leaking or broken pipes at home. Sources of water at home should be inspected as termites love moisture and water. If there is something wrong with the home drainage system, repair it without delay. Cracks in your house invites termites too, make sure there is no cracks at home. A small tip: Coating your house with a new paint is a way of termite prevention. You might want to consider doing it annually as for new year and a way to prevent termite.