Solving Your Pest, Fungi, and Odor Problems

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May 5, 2017
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May 21, 2017
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Solving Your Pest, Fungi, and Odor Problems

pest control services

In the maintenance of our homes and workplaces, there are issues that may arise and problems that we have to face. These include the infestation of pests, the proliferation of bad odor, and even the growth of fungi. These are issues that needs to be resolved quickly and the right way. These issues have real environmental and health implications that could lead to bigger problems. That is why, these have to be addressed quickly and be entrusted to those who could really help you solve those problems. Good thing, Ikari offers a wide range of services that lets you help solve these issues at home or in the workplace. These services include the following:

Pest Control

Ikari is not just your usual pest control service. Our Integrated Pest Management program makes sure that you do not only eliminate the pests in your homes but also make sure that breeding is prevented or at least, reduced. We employ measures such as environmental, mechanical, biological, and chemical control, as well as provide the needed advice and consultation by our clients. Our program targets common pests like ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, rodents, flies, lizards, mosquitoes, fleas, pests from stored products, bees, hornets, wasps, booklice, centipedes, millipedes, pest birds, shrews, silverfish, snakes, spiders, ticks, and more.

Odour Control

Sometimes, our homes or offices. This may be simple bad odours to environment and health hazards. Ikari knows the importance of having a home that smells good. And so, we also are offering odour control services. Here, we use natural and organic odor neutralizers to wash away foul and harmful gasses into non-odorous and safe by-products. We can install our odour control system devices in bin centers. Air-conditioners, hotels and restaurants, oil refineries, industrial plants, processing plants, waste water and sewerage treatment plants, and more.

Fungi Control

Fungi isn’t only an eyesore, it can also be harmful for humans and animals. These can cause allergies or infections. The thing is, these aren’t always that easy to spot as these can be hidden. Ikari’s Anti-Fungus System uses the latest anti-fungal technology developed by our research teams in our Japanese laboratories. We identify the fungi and immediately destroy it to avoid its spreading. We do pre-examinations for Fungal Contamination, implement the Anti-Fungal System, and perform follow-ups and Post Examination to prevent the growth of fungi. These are perfect for hotels, residences, schools, food factories, child-care centers and other establishments.

Only Ikari provides the solutions for all your pest, odor, and fungi problems in your home or workplace. Just give us a call to get effective, affordable, and reliable services. So go and visit, message, or reach us now and get the solutions to your problems.