Smelly Air from Air-Con Unit?

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December 12, 2014
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Smelly Air from Air-Con Unit?

In most humid climates like Singapore, we can’t live without the air-con. But have you ever experienced that musky and stale air that comes out and it just doesn’t go away no matter what you try to do?

Your air con system is probably filled with sludge, slime, bacteria & algae. Worth getting in the professionals as your indoor air is likely getting stale, stagnant and full of bacteria blowing down onto your family and loved ones!! Not to mention higher utility costs!

Three Common Causes
1) Dirty sock syndrome
2) Clogged condensate pipe and pan
3) Unsealed ductwork

Dirty Sock Syndrome – Does Your Air Conditioner Smell Like Dirty Socks?

So this is when you get the musky and sweaty like smell. This is caused by the bacteria, mold and slime that accumulates and grows on the indoor evaporator coils of your air con system. And when moisture accumulates on the coils, foul odours are created once it comes into contact with the bacteria, which thrives on mold and slime. And it only gets worse untreated.

Condensate Pipe and Pan

The condensor is the unit OUTSIDE your home and there is a pipe and pan. The condensate pipe is the one that removes moisture from the system, settles in the condensate pan, and drains it into the sewer. So if either the pipe or drain clogs, mold, algae, and bacteria form. So keep the pan clear!! If it starts to clog, the entire ductwork of your air-con can start to smell real bad with the gradual accumulation of bacteria & moisture.

Air Conditioning Ductwork

The ductwork is an important part of your air conditioning system. Besides distributing air, there are other things found in ductwork.

– Allergens
– Bugs and insects
– Dirt
– Moisture

Constant cleaning, sealing and repairing of ducts is important not just to reduce bacteria, algae and fungi but also to ensure that there are no cracks where cold air can escape, resulting in higher utility bills.

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