Reduce Mosquitoes by 90%

Aedes eggs can survive without water for 9 months
Do you know that Aedes eggs can survive without water for 9 months?
March 15, 2016
Effective Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control – A Simple Approach to Conducting Effective Bed Bug Control
October 7, 2016
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Reduce Mosquitoes by 90%

Ikari offers the premium pest control strategy
Identifying potential breeding sites

Find out about potential breeding sites you might not know about here.

No water in your pots!

Eliminate standing water in pots, bubble baths, puddles and your pet’s bowl.

Don’t just pour, SCRUB!

Pouring water will not eliminate the eggs as there might be eggs still stuck in the pot. They are really THAT resilient. Scrub and wash them.

Keep roof gutters and drain clean

A great hidden place for mosquitoes (and other pests as well) to breed.

Fill in small crevices and holes

Holes and crevices might look harmless but it is the perfect condition for breeding spots due to its
extreme humidity.

Mosquitoes will stay away from moving waters

Fancy some Feng Shui? Add mini water fountains to your pond will do the trick!

Repair or prevent outside leakage

Any water leakage? Repair it as soon as possible, it might to leak to a hidden place which stores water.