Methods Used to Eradicate the Pest Problem

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June 25, 2017
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Methods Used to Eradicate the Pest Problem

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Common pests and bugs tend to invade homes that are not cleaned thoroughly of where there are some nooks and gaps that they can use to penetrate into the property, causing a huge pest problem. Pest prevention is often advised to get rid of any possible pest problems. At times this involves sealing cracks and holes found in walls; it may also involve making the kitchen free from any food crumbs and leftover food. Once it becomes obvious that the home suffers from a pest problem, it would be better to ask for professional help from a pest control specialist. A professional pest control specialist has several steps to resolve a pest problem, and in general this consist these methods:

Poison Spray

The use of a spray-based poison is commonly used by many pest exterminators. If any home or parts of it are largely infested by pests or insects, a suitable spray-based poison is used to get rid of them. A pest spray is manufactured to specifically eradicate a certain bug or insect listed on the contract. These pest control sprays are however known to have high level strength; that’s why they have to be used carefully. These poison sprays are good to use in gardens to help protect the flowers, vegetables, fruits, and plants from pests.

Traps and Poison Bait

These methods are good for pests that are larger in size such as rats and mice that run around the house and the foxholes in the garden. Traps are often infested by rats, squirrels, and mice. Position bait traps are more for insects such as cockroaches and other same size insects. A lot of these traps have a sticky substance in them that prevents insects from moving away and making them trapped until they perish.


This is one of the more advanced and complete methods used to eliminate pests. This method is better left to be used by professionals only. It can effectively remove pests and their eggs from different areas like containers, warehouses, ships, and even buildings. Fumigation is also great for all types of flying insects such as ants, fleas, moths, flies, cockroaches, beetles, and a lot more