IKARI Protects Your Family from Bed Bugs

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April 15, 2015
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IKARI Protects Your Family from Bed Bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

Don’t lose sleep over bed bugs. Once you see signs of bed bugs, contact IKARI at (+65) 6743 1313 for a professional investigation and consultation.  Our service specialists will go to your home, and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the infestation. Bed bugs infestations might not only be confined to your bed, but the infestation could also include areas where there is fabric, such as curtains, sofas, upholstery and carpets.

IKARI specializes in targeted application of low-toxic methods, which is ideal for residential homes, especially homes with children and the elderly.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

Methods of Treatment

The methods of bed bug treatment includes:

  1. Chemical Spray

If the infestation is severe, chemical treatment may be needed to eradicate the bed bugs and to stop the spread of infestation.

Method of Application: Areas of infestation are sprayed, including the surrounding areas, to ensure that all the bed bugs are eliminated.

Note: Extra caution is taken never to bed bug spray near or on food preparation areas.

  1. Superheated Dry Steam Eradicator

In homes with children, no harmful chemicals are used. This equipment emits steam at 180 degrees, killing the bed bugs without the use of chemicals. Water is used to generate the steam which it completely dries in 30 seconds, leaving no dampness after the application, which is very crucial in ensuring that the environment is not conducive to the growth of bacteria and fungi, or other pests.


Our IKARI holistic approach using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System encompasses the following process:

  1. Inspection

As bed bugs may infect a very wide area, our IKARI service specialists will thoroughly inspect your home for critical infection areas, and identify potential infection areas for treatment to prevent future infestations. Specialized skill and correct equipment are required for the inspection, as the incorrect diagnosis will render the treatment ineffective and even harmful. Our service specialists will always respect the privacy of your house and only enter areas with your permission.

  1. Identification & Recommendation

After a thorough inspection, our IKARI service specialist will clearly explain the situation to you and recommend the most effective treatments to eradicate the bed bugs in your home, in accordance to the level of seriousness of the infestation. For best results, you may be advised to wash all the bedsheets, linen, clothes, curtains and other fabric, with hot water prior to the treatment. A non-chemical approach will be taken to design the treatment method, and chemicals will only be used as a last resort in the case of very severe infestation, with your permission.

  1. Treatment

Intensive treatment will be provided to quickly and completely eradicate the bed bugs infestation, so that other areas of the house will not be infected. Another one or two times of follow-up treatments may be necessary to ensure that your home is completely free from bed bugs.

  1. Monitoring

The effectiveness of the treatments and levels of infestations will be continuously monitored to prevent any serious infestations in the future.

Make an appointment with our IKARI service specialist today at (+65) 6743 1313.