Envirofort @ Mediacorp Babycare Festival 21-23 Feb 2014

Envirofort wins Industry Star of Promising SME500 2014
February 20, 2014
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Envirofort @ Mediacorp Babycare Festival 21-23 Feb 2014

Envirofort will be marking our  launch of InfantFort by participating in the upcoming Mediacorp Babycare Festival on 21-23 Feb 2014 at the Singapore Expo.

InfantFort (www.infantfort.com) is a specialist disinfection program targeted for families with infants or young children. Many young parents do not realise that simple renovation works and new furniture (even baby cots) could result in over 300 toxic chemicals to be released into the home environment. This is mainly caused by formaldehyde (present in the glue in new carpets, furniture, paint) and such fumes are carcinogenic and can emit over 5 years, causing negative long-term health effects, especially on the young ones.

In line with Envirofort’s human-safe philosophy, InfantFort’s approach is non-toxic and we eliminate bacteria, surface contaminants, odour, toxic fumes through the combined application of superheated industrial steam and nano-technology. For more details, please visit www.infantfort.com.

At the Babycare Festival, we will be pushing through special discounts at between 30-70% off for the different InfantFort packages and offerings. Be  sure to look out for us in Hall 6 at the Singapore Expo!