The Classic Spots in Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

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December 16, 2014
March 15, 2015
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The Classic Spots in Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

Ideally, if you are opening a new restaurant, or a new branch, contact us and we will go in there, treat the harbourage areas and seal all pest entrances to prevent pests from entering your establishment. However, if you are already running a restaurant business, we can still help you to do a thorough investigation to diagnose the level of pest infestations in your premises, and draw up a customized strategy to eliminate pests from your restaurant. Ikari has many years of proven track record in the food service industry, and is one of the most reliable partners in achieving the require HACCP standard by the National Environment Agency.

This video points out a few classic key spots of pest harbourage areas and how you can get in there on a longer term approach and avoid this pitfall in commercial establishments.


Commercial establishments are a challenge when it come to pest control. There are all kinds of obstacles in your way. The staff mop it down every night, hosing down the entire place, pressure washing it. This is terrible for your pest control barrier. There are washes in the way, it diminishes it, so you really have only 1 or 2 chances a month to really get in there and rid your commercial establishment of roaches. And that’s our big goal here.
Commercial Restaurant Pest Control Hot Spots

Commercial kitchens pose a big challenge. Equipment is one thing, but there are so much more. There are things like soap dispensers, first aid kits, little old electric boxes, all around and they are filled with little gaps and little hiding places where roaches can go. And you just have to take the time to search them out, look at them from a different angle and see all the little ledges they present. Sometimes wires go in or pipes, or whatever and see if you can treat those because the bugs will definitely go in and use them.

The wall around dishwashing and kitchen areas, is often a veneer, almost like a vinyl, to be waterproof. Make sure you’re checking that because that can house thousands of roaches. Look behind the equipment  and underneath because there is just a whole different world. Not even taking all the panels off or anything, just get your head down underneath there and check it out. Look for the runways that these little critters can use.

Stainless steel is our enemy and so, we need to do what we can about treating that effectively. If you look underneath the back of the sink, you can see that it’s just a complete different world, like a whole city of roaches. They’ve got plenty of protection. If you try to spray and aerosol in there to do some flushing, you’d end up hitting more pipes than you would the bugs.

Wall junctions are huge especially this vinyl type of wall covering. Sometimes, kitchens make shift baseboards, this one uses cement to make like a curb and it’s just a big harborage point.

Stainless steel legs are huge. They fit right up in there and they can get right into the hollow of that leg. It’s very difficult to get them  out. The seams where all the different tables come together and legs connect big time.

Wheels. How many times have you found roaches on wheels? Take a look up underneath. There’s a lot of hiding places under there. Roaches just love the wheels, and there’s more than just the tyre to hang on.

And then you have the condensers and motors at the back of all the equipment just filled with voids that bugs can hide behind and they’ve got grids there for protection and keep them from harm. So you want to get in there and do the best you can.

Another classic spot is the condensation tray up underneath the refrigerators. These things are filled with water 9 times out of 10. These trays are just chockful of roaches. So you want to get in there and investigate that and do what you need to do in that area. And underneath, you have got heat, moisture and of course, they don’t have to go too far for food.

Drains are a huge thing to get into. You want to treat your drains for not only flies, but also roaches and all kinds of things. Drains are very important in commercial restaurants.

Loading docks and dumpster areas are harbourage areas for a whole lot of pests. Why not do something before the bug or the rat gets into the structure of your restaurant.

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