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Have a troubling termite issue? Not to worry!

  • Our Termifort Above-Ground Baiting system can solve the issue!
  • 100% Non-Toxic Approach: No Spraying
  • Eliminates ROOT cause which is the Queen and whole colony!

87% of termite cases are solved within 3 - 6 visits with no termite recurrence!

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    What is Termifort Above-Ground Baiting System??

    This bait contains an active hexaflumuron that detroys the colony when the workers consume the bait - it moults the growth of the termites as the bait is being shared throughout the colony

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    How It Works?

    It's really simple!

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    Protecting Singapore’s important structures: Oil & Gas Industry

    What our client's say

    Ikari solutions are really safe and effective in solving my issue. Great job!


    Great service !! Solved my termite issue which was really stressing us out. Very professional and even used a high tech scanner to detect unseen termite activities.

    Simon F

    Ikari is professional, and they make sure that their treatment won’t be harmful for our family (we have children and elderly). They also gave us suggestions on how to manage the situation after each treatment.

    J H Sung

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