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We do not just 'SPRAY AND PRAY'

Integrated Pest Management(IPM) is a pest management process that emphasizes environmental management through regular inspections, planning strategies and making decisions, treatments, evaluation and re-evaluation, and inspection again. It is designed to minimize pesticide use and ‘spraying’

IKARI's Philosophy

Our philosophy is to take a human-safe and low-toxic approach in dealing with all pest problems. We are pioneers in the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and continue to stay true to this approach.

What is your pest problem today?

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    At IKARI, our purpose is to create a human-safe and eco-friendly future.

    To do that, we believe in consulting and educating our clients - we are not just a “spray & pray” treatment company, but a well-trusted and reliable pest control company, providing safe and pet-friendly pest control solutions.

    Since being founded 40 years ago, we have built this company based on trust and staying true to our philosophy. Our goal is to create an environment unsuitable for pests to thrive in. Utilizing the integrated pest management method allows us to provide eco-friendly pest control services and tailored solutions most appropriate for you by understanding your environment to solve your pest problems.

    In fact, 95% of our approach uses less than 1% chemicals.


    How We Work

    5 simple steps to understand how our team carries out integrated pest management the IKARI way!


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    Our Culture

    Collaborating to Protect You and the Environment

    We believe in working and collaborating together with our clients to achieve a pest-free environment. Through on-site guidance from our technicians, regular educational seminars and activities, we seek to grow a community together with our clients and protect their health.

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